Supporting business owners to overcome their daily obstacles and challenges so they can drive  their business on to sustainable growth.


What challenges are you facing?

Poor Work/life balance

How can you work effectively in your business but still maintain a healthy personal life?  

Ineffective Business plan

Every business needs a clear vision supported by a definitive business plan. I can help you set that up and follow it through.

Struggling to work on, and not in, your business

Probably the most important issue of all for a small business that wishes to expand and it’s all down to systems.

Exit and succession planning

Would you like to create a plan that values your business to a point at which you can sell and/or retire?

Lack of an effective organisational structure

Clear structures and key performance indicators are the monitoring systems that allow you to step back from the day to day running of the business, whilst keeping a close eye on performance.

Time management

Always an issue in small businesses. We can discuss and agree a way forward that allows you to manage your time, delegate more effectively and be in control!    

Why use a coach?

Running a business provides a rollercoaster of emotions from excitement to terror! How come it’s so difficult? Well, if it wasn’t then everyone would be doing it and then think of the competition you would face!

It can be a lonely place at the top. Who can you turn to for support, to bounce ideas off, to open your heart and mind to when developing new ideas?

The purpose of coaching is “to help someone move from where they are now to where they want to be and to do this more quickly and effectively than if they acted alone”. And that is where I can help you.

Image by Austin Distel