Michelle already ran a successful wedding events business when we met up and was now setting up another business to focus on sustainable weddings. This would focus on creating an accreditation system for wedding venues, suppliers etc. 

With just 6 weeks to go to the launch, there was much to do and Michelle felt she was overwhelmed by the enormity of the workload and unable to focus on what needed doing first.

In her own words:

“At the beginning of a session I felt overwhelmed with the volume of tasks to be completed, but by the end, I was able to prioritise my tasks, work out what really needed to be done and when it needed to be completed”.

We broke down the overall goal of being ready for launch by March 1st into manageable weekly stepping stones and agreed to talk weekly for 30-45 minutes on a Monday morning to prepare her for the week. Each week we would agree action points that needed doing before our next session and we would review that progress. She would then tell me what she wanted to focus on that day.

Having listed everything he felt she needed to do that week we talked through the list, looking at just how urgent it was and if there were other resources that could help. Michelle was a very organised person and I soon realised that once committed to specific action points, they always got done!

“It also helped me to see that not all the tasks needed to be done by me and allowed me to be open to working with experts from outside the business to assist with tasks that would take valuable time, making more of the time I did have and therefore being more efficient.”

“By the final session, I was prepared and ready to launch my business confidently, having completed the critical tasks ahead of time. “


The launch went very smoothly and Michelle was as relaxed as possible, all things considered!



Sandra ran a very successful day care nursery. She had a good reputation and places were sought after at her establishment. The business was in a good place but it relied heavily on her….…in fact far too much and she was acutely aware of this. This impacted on her ability to move on to other projects such as setting up another similar enterprise and replicating her success elsewhere and even franchising.

Initial discussions and effective use of specific business models suggested that 80% of her time was spent in doing day to day tasks and only 20% or less was being spent on strategy and longer-term planning. Too much working “in” the business and not enough working “on” the business. The task was to extricate her from the day to day running of the business.

Using the “Wheel” (see our Resources page) to let Sandra see where her time was being spent was an eye opener for her. We then discussed how much of that work could be done by other people. Whilst some of it could be delegated to existing staff it did not fully resolve the problem and it became clear that there was a role for a full-time administrator to do this work. The issue of cost arose but after discussion we established that the cost/pain really was not monetary but that procrastination and prevarication would stop Sandra moving on to where she wanted to be. The money had to be found even if at personal cost for the short term. “Can you afford not to do it Sandra?” was my question to her. She agreed she could not.

A full-time role was created and filled. Sandra agreed that part of this process would be to create an operations manual that described in detail how the business ran and it would be developed alongside the training of the new staff member. This would be a manual that she could hand over to new staff as a “this is how I want my company run” – not unlike a franchise model in that respect.

Once the new member of staff is fully engaged the next step is to discuss the next 2 years and map out a plan that takes Sandra forward and towards her next project. Exciting times!