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About me

Mike Mallett, business coach and mentor, specialising in helping small business owners.


With 35 + years in start-up, franchising and small business management I understand the mind set of small business owners. I’ve been a sole trader, a franchisee, a company Director and an MD and business owner more than once.  I have set up sole trader companies as well as limited companies, worked from my bedroom to build up a business and built teams from scratch to a £1 million turnover.

I understand the hard work involved, the frustrations when plans are derailed, the euphoria when they go right. The isolation, the lack of anyone to blame! The many decisions to be made. Should it be this difficult to run a small business you ask yourself? Well yes, if it was easy then everyone would be doing it! But look at the potential rewards. Independence, being your own boss, financially valuable (if you get it right!), something to build and retire on.

In short, I am a specialist in gap analysis.......I close the gap between goals and achievements.


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