My story

It started with a kiss………... as the song goes and in a way it did! My girlfriend at school lived on a farm and her father had a milking herd. I just loved the life and was very content getting up at 4.30 to milk the cows. Farming seemed to offer such a great work/life balance. The work was hard as was the social life and partying! I loved it. So much that I set myself a goal to have my own farm by the time I was 30. Unbelievably I achieved that goal and was the proud owner of 193 acres of prime Vale of White Horse grass land. I enjoyed the lifestyle but was without doubt the worst farmer in the world, just could not keep that tractor straight in the field!

At a time when we were being told to “diversify” I saw an advert in the Farmers Weekly for a franchise for an event management company. Combine your farming with quad bikes, Honda pilots and grass go-karts. Well, that sounded fun so I bought that franchise and very quickly realised it was much more fun than bouncing around on a tractor!

My small office grew from just me to £1 m turnover and a team of 6. I sold the franchise back to the main company in exchange for shares and became a Director of the fastest growing events company in the country. We were delivering close on 1000 events a year and I saw, and helped, it grow from £250000 to £10 million turnover – what an experience and boy did I learn a lot!

After filling roles as Operations Director and Sales Director I moved on to a small conference production company with a brief from the owners to use my experience to help them grow the business accordingly. This basically involved introducing a raft of systems at that time lacking in the business. The results were impressive and I left them in a stronger position from which they have moved on significantly.

At which point I started up my own event management company, Kaleidoscope Events Ltd. I remember logging 5000 telephone calls in the first 6 months to find clients. It was 2002, well before social media! I also used SEO very effectively and steadily grew a small business topping out at £350000 turnover. An opportunity came along for a franchise that seemed to fit nicely within the portfolio and snapped that up. Didn’t work out as I had expected and sold it back but at the time it was the right thing to do and the learning was useful.

The financial crisis of 2008 came along and destroyed the business by 50%. Covid came along and the world changed.  It’s tough being a small business owner but I’ve been there most of my life. I understand the mentality, mindset, challenges and frustrations that goes with the territory. I bring a lot of practical experience to the party and feel certain I can help you.

So let’s talk!